SAttack / Confirm
AJump / Respawn / Return
DownCrouch / Jump Down From Ledges
UpHang on Ledges / Attack Upwards
EChange Weapon

Demon Burst is an arcade action game made for "A Game by its Cover 2019" jam, inspired by games such as Kid Icarus, Castlevania and Ghosts 'n Goblins.

The game's concept and name were inspired by the original artwork of Philip Summers, made for the 2019 edition of My Famicase exhibition.

Game, Art & Sound by Crowno

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(145 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, Horror, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pixel Art, Retro, Spooky


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A good game, everything is nicely intuitive and being able to shoot upwards (through walls even) is a total gamechanger. No complaints, had a nice time.

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Awesome game! The only thing I didn't really like is the fact that your movement and jumps interfere with your attack inputs, so if you're landing it takes a bit before you can attack the enemies. I think it would've been nicer to control if movement and attack controls didn't interfere with one another.

Any chance of adding a "quit" option? At the moment, there doesn't seem to be a way to quit to desktop.

Cool arcade game!

as some others pointed out the difficulty is a tad high, I enjoyed the kid icarus (nes) remniscent gameplay but the difficulty was too unforgiving, fun nonetheless.

Nice link


dude I wish there was like, a "continue" button.

because whenever I finish boss fight 1, I will be out of lives and I immediately die when I get to the new level then I will have to restart all over again,

I Cant pass boss 1 xd

why is there a horror tag ?

deverian mejorar el respaun....cada que muero la burbujita suve en una parte donde al parecer hay una pared ((en el medio)) entonces no puedo revivir....

Great game! And has a nice difficult level, great job!

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This looks great :)
Is this a nes game or just made to look like it?If so i wana grab a rom and play on actual nes

Pretty awesome! <3

Great visuals & gameplay!  Really captures the feel of original NES games like Castlevania with the carefully crafted enemy and level design and the tough-but-fair difficulty.

It seems like it could be fun to play, however being unable to assign mouse keys is a huge draw back.  Staying cramped on a keyboard and adjusting the way I sit while playing had me wishing to switch to another game while still on the configuration screen.  I will probably give it another shot sometime later, but the furthest I could play is 7 minutes (4 of those trying to get the keys closest to what made sense).   

I feel nostalgic :) & good game :D  I uploaded play video at youtube.

Can you post the caps ? You work is incredible ! I'm dying to understand who it work under the hood !

Would a Linux port be something you would consider? Thank you!

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Loved the game! Spent hours playing it and finished the game with all the weapons. The only thing i wanted for this game was more stages and be able to throw the throwing knife up. It's one of the best games i played on

Can't get enough of your incredible art. Game has such a great retro charm to it, beautiful work.


I'm very confused

It took a while but I got it

I like it

Nice game. Had a lot of fun playing it.

Game crashes on launch for OSX.

awesome castlevania 3 vibe but better aesthetics

please more levels!!!

Wow this game looks amazing. Did you use construct V2 or v3 for this? 

This one was made with C2!

That is awesome thanks!

Very cool! Nice job. I get this feeling people are trying to ask for controller support. :D :P

excellent game with superb presentation. like others have said, controller support would have made the game perfect.

Looks cool. Is it a coincidence that a dev of Terraria was/is also named "Crowno"?

it麓s beautiful



We gave the demo a try - got some funny moments and constructive criticism out of it!

if this had controller support it would be great :) kinda reminds me of micro mages

hey Crowno did you make this on your own or do you have a team or something just asking and btw the game is a amazing 

Aside from using third party plugins, I did everything for this one. Thank you very much!

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