The prince Umbri has the duty of cleansing the world from the dark illusion that was cast upon it. Utilize his powers to float through the air and touch the infected lands in order to purify them.

Arrow Keys - Movement
Z - Hold and press a direction to flip / Select options
X - Throw shuriken (when available)
Space - Pause Menu

Done for the #lowrezjam in about 2 weeks or so. Everything was done by me with exception of the few music tracks used. The game was made in Construct2.

Music by Maoudamashi and FreedomHouse

Check my Twitter at @CrownoO for more of my work!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsArcade, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer


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This is an amazing little game! I have two notes though.

1. The level selection screen is very confusing. There are no visual ques to tell the player what he is selecting which frustrated me a bit because I wanted to play 1 level in particular and couldnt find it.

2. The Z button needs some visual ques as well. Like half of the time I would press it and it wouldnt work because I was pressing arrow key before Z. You could add like an arrow to tell the player once they release the Z key an action will be made. 

Overall love the art and gameplay! Keep it up.


I really liked this game as well as your other stuff. Have you ever thought about making a game/creating pixel art for a real retro console (NES, GBA, Mega Drive, etc.)? There are even retrodevelopment jams on, for instance:

Keep up the good work!


Lovely graphics and overall look.
Really fun puzzle game.


Why no windows build to enjoy this on the go... Arghhhhh!!! where I live know internet is sluggish....

Love this. Kudos.


This game is nice

Absolutely amazing, can't stop playing this - though level VIII is unbeatable for me right now

Very Solid




I am not a puzzler but I really love this one!!


Wow this is amazing, nice work. So polished and such a simple concept, yet devious puzzles.

Great game! Congratulations for the first place!

I finally did it, but i stressed out a bit... <3
(1 edit) (+1)

Had a ton of fun checking out this game! Cool little concept, and super impressive given the requirements of the game jam. Cute little game with an awesome feel to it that throws me back to when I first started playing video games years ago :P Feel free to check out my video on Umbri below!


My favourite detail is the purification effect. Would be great if there also was a downloadable version for offline play.

<3 <3 i'm still wowed by this~


Just awesome. Perfect concept for 64².


Incredibly good, man!


This is quite enjoyable and looks really good. The only thing I'd suggest is adding the controls to the description as it took me ages to work out how to change the characters orientation. It's easy once you get the hang of it - but it wasn't something that can be easily worked out.


Just restarted the game. Totally didn't see the controls menu :)

Still - I think it'd be worth making it more prominent as I don't know many gamers who read controls until they need them.