A - Jump, Confirm
S - Shoot
D - Grab/Throw Bun
Down + Jump - Drop from ledge
UP - Aim
SPACE- Pause

Wild Buns are on the loose! These ferocious and bloodthirsty creatures are fast, chaotic and hard to catch.  Use your dart rifle to put the Buns to sleep and throw them back to their cages. Be aware of your limited ammo and don't leave your darts laying around!

A game made for Boteco Jam 1 in roughly 2 days, in which the theme was "Quiet".

Music by Maoudamashii and Freedom House.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
Tags16-bit, Cute, Puzzle-Platformer


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the sound and art direction are off the charts. this is prime super nintendo territory.


so funny game! thanks

Hey this is a fun game! The art, music, and sound effects suit each other really well.

Maybe there is a frame-rate issue with the jump? I think it should be possible to jump here in stage 5:

(It was also not possible for me to reach any platform in stage 4 but I could beat it by waiting for the bunnies)

I usually encounter this type of issue when the main loop is executed at render/compute speed instead of fixed time steps, computers with different speeds will end up jumping or moving at different heights.

Great job on this game though, this is a really successful jam game (*/ω\)ノ”

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