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10/10, great visuals, great music, fun gameplay and cool mecanics. Love it!

Everybody gangsta untill someone lose all controls but left and now can only move left lol.

There is this annoying bug where sometimes, if you get hit and if you are near the edge, sometimes the control is lost forever.



Press the Z or J keys on your keyboard (in game they are labeled as "Button A").
If the game is not responding, try clicking on the game area with your mouse to make sure your browser is focused on it. If you still have issues with it try to click on the fullscreen button.


I forgot to say that I learned that now..


How to start game


Really fun game. Love the escalating challenge as the levels progress. Aesthetics are spot on.

It's nice that you can regain health. The flying kick wasn't really that useful, except when your surrounded, but that doesn't really happen if you kinda stay by the edges of the screen and continually duck around to the opposite side and keep mashing talismans. All around, 8/10

Flying kick help if you lose movement, once you can't, let's say, move down, but theres a demon downwards, now you can move down assuming that demon is closer than the others, once you are very down and still have the other 3 movement button you can work your way to the down movement orb, this works even if you  lose all movement orbs since the kick moves you to the nearest demon, which can be in any direction. See, flying kick is good.

Very awesome

Beautiful man. Great gameplay

looks so pretty, and the amount of content is insane for being a jam game. Love it

Beautiful and loved it

Good, but is there an end?

yep, 10 levels


Super sweet style and cool gameplay ! thank you !

love the idea

this game was very fun to play. neat gimmick of the demon removing more and more controls. music and graphics were top notch. i do wish there was a final boss. hard to believe this was a jam game. excellent work

Really cool retro style

That was spectacular. I only wish it was longer.

I found it to be very fun.

Well polished game, the graphics do resemble the era, and the story is interesting too.

This game was great. The kick was a nice addition.

Fantastic, the aesthetics in this game are so polished! I really like it.
I made a similar mechanic for the game jam but the feeling in this game is remarkable.

Really fun game! The "loss of control" played really well into the game jam theme. I might not have noticed, but it would be awesome if the flying kick moved you towards your 'lost abilities' like it did with enemies.

A game where damage disable certain control? Now this mechanic I never thought exist. How many level this game have? I do ever learn using construct 2 and construct 3 to make a game. Well done.


"be careful, my child could get hurt"

shut up karen your kid isn't fighting demons

She's just a mom worrying about her child, so why call her Karen when she's a whole 9 yards of, WHY WAS HER KID PLAYING A DEMON CURSED GAME CARTRIDGE?!? If she loves her kid so much? Dunno man, sounds kinda sketchy to me...

Art style and gameplay reminds me of the Anime Inuyasha and Dororo. Nice game dude. The sounds compliments the game very nicely.

I see a lot of design has gone into this! Having the whirling kick be the last control you lose was brilliant as it still gave you some limited movement. Also having the edges warp the player solves the issue of locking the player when they lose D-pad buttons. Great job and fantastic atmosphere!

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At first i thought it was a pretty but basic game. But when I got hit and I lost some functionality of my player I thought that was a brilliant idea! Nice one, guys

I had a really REALLY run time reviewing your game!!

Really fun game!


Really amazing game, great visuals, cool music and fun gameplay. Besides some spelling errors and the kicks targeting feeling random and inconsistant at times its a really good game.

Eu espero ansiosamente para jogar "Vandal" novamente. Teria como disponibilizá-lo para nós termos esse prazer? :D

Game. Is. Beautiful!  Gameplay is simple, but can still be challenging. Great addition of making the kick move toward a nearby enemy so you can still move if you lose your movement keys. Although it can be a bit snowball-y once you start losing a couple of controls, I had a blast!

Loved the visuals and audio. Epic retro vibes


WOW!!!!! This Was AMAZING!!! Your game made me very happy today  I loved it!!! this is a must play type of game!!

Great job on the production value! The idea is neat. 👍That being said, It's pretty easy for the situation to snowball quickly into a gameover considering that losing inputs make the game even harder.

Very cool!

The giant HUD gave me distinct PC-98 vibes.

very good game i enjoyed a lot 

Incrivel. Muito bom. Paabens para a equipe


Mamava ambos os três

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