Post-Ludum Dare Spooks

Hi everyone. Short after Ludum Dare 40 ended, I started to work towards getting an improved version of Ghosth out, using all the feedback I've managed to gather. At its core, the game remains pretty much the same. But overall it should be a much more pleasant and solid experience now.

Here's a list of the new stuff:

  • Revamped level design with many areas altered and a new area added.
  • Added much needed visual feedback for ghost interactions.
  • Better (and safer!) staircases.
  • Incresed double jump delay, accidental double jumps should be less common.
  • New ghost counter HUD, to keep track of how many ghosts are following you.
  • More detailed environments.
  • New idle animation for the player character.
  • Numerous graphical additions and improvements, such as pick up effects.

I would like to thak everyone who took their time to play the game and give me feedback, specially everyone who rated the game during Ludum Dare. I ended up with pretty good scores (top 15 on graphics and 65 overall!) and that makes me very content. 

I hope you guys enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed making it.

Special thanks to my friend Joseph Seraph for that fanart!

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Jan 29, 2018


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Is the updated version the "" file? I love the original version for LD40 and would like to try the new improved version but I'm on Mac.