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I love this game, but the fact that you slow down when you have a lot of ghosts on you makes me feel like they're feeding on my life force.

Edit: Beat the game in 797 seconds, with all 5 secrets!


I got stuck right after the tutorial. what am i supposed to do pls tell me


Hey there! I hope you don't mind but I've made a let's play from your game! This game had a lot more to it than I was anticipatign and I was pleasantly surprise. Can't help but get a little frustrated at some of the puzzles but that's half the fun, right? ;) Thank you so much for such an amazing game!

That was super fun to watch! Unfortunately looks like some of the visual effects were glitched (that's a browser thing), so the part with the mirrors wasn't working as intended. The mirrors shift their colors when you have a ghost following you, so it is easier to recognize when you can go through them. I'm impressed that you managed to finish the game despite of that, though!
Thank you so much for playing.


fuck crowno, you are the master!! xD
stunning work as aways!


Fantastic game with a beautiful style. One complaint/feedback: I messed up my first slingshot in the tutorial and couldn't access another ghost :( It might also be worth considering putting the ghost jump mechanic on a separate key to jump as I also accidentally used my ghost numerous times and had to backtrack to get a new one which was a little frustrating. Overall I loved it though!


Really enjoyed this one. Aesthetic was nice, game play was interesting, and it had an cool mechanic. It's a fun experience playing a platformer with a mechanic that I never really saw before. Good job!


Wow, really nice graphics, audio and the gameplay is cool. I was a little confused at first but I soon got the hang of it.

Thanks devs



Cool little game! The only issue I had was sometimes the hitbox for the character seemed a bit big when I got hit by some obstacles. But other than that great job! Fantastic pixel art as always!

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The player hitbox ended up being larger than it should unfortunately, something that I've overlooked after implementing the graphics. I'm working on fixing that along with other issues and I plan to upload a newer (and better!) version once this Ludum Dare ends.
Thanks a lot for playing it, I'm glad you enjoyed it!