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Any chance for controller support?

can't get it to run on OSX

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awesome dungeon game! Better than Castlevania even!

Maybe aim for linux UWU


I love this game!.


Awesome pixelart and gameplay as always Crowno senpai! Kill skulls and bats are extremly satisfying! GREAT GAME!


Nice was hoping for a download version! Thank you.

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Great game, man! Highly addictive, and I'm only 1000 points away from beating your highscore :D

EDIT: I just beat your highscore. This must be the first time I'm first in a leaderboard. I wonder for how long this will last lol.

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That's awesome, I was really hoping to see someone beating the high score! Thank you for playing it!

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oh wait its online nvm


i wish i had a windows computer so i could play this


It's really cool! I'm not good at it, but I had a blast! 

Crowno, i want to download the game. Have the possibility?

Yes, I plan to upload desktop versions soon. I'm just waiting to be able to make some improvements and fix some bugs. It takes some time to upload so I want to have a better build first =)


I'm having a great time with the mechanics, and I enjoy the sounds. Are you planning on adding music at some point?

Thank you! It does have music, perhaps you are having some issue with the playback? Maybe try refreshing the game, the music should start as soon as you start the first level!

Seems to be a Safari issue. Safari has had problems with some other games I've played too. Using chrome now, and the music is great. :)


Love it. The idea of multiple weapons makes me change the strategy between the enemy types.

Thank you! The original idea was to have weapon drops throughout the stage, but I didn't have the time to implement it. The "E" key was used for debug, but I ended up leaving it in there. I might change that and implement the original idea in the future.


Awesome as ever.  Really beautiful sprites.  Tricky, authentically-oldschool feeling combat (reminds me of TMNT on the nes).  Good job.

I'm so glad you liked it, thank you so much!

Muito pica.


Awesome game! I found a bug when you kill a enemy the number of points freezes in the screen.

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I've "fixed" this bug multiple times, for some reason it finds a way to happen again! The most recent build should have a solution for this, but I'll keep checking why it happens.
Thank you very much!

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