Crystalmancer Ver1.1

So, after gathering a lot of good feedback from players on Itch and on Ludum Dare community, I decided to improve and update the game. Since LD42 is not over yet, I've uploaded a stand alone Windows version for 1.1 while keeping the original HTML version intact.


  • Dedicated buttons for Hammer and Rod, no more switching.
  • Increased player invincibility frames after taking damage.
  • Enemy projectiles no more ignore invincibility frames.
  • When spawned, enemies have a temporary state in which they cannot damage the player.
  • Adjusted hitbox for player and enemies.
  • Orb enemy is now slower and can only deal damage when it is flying low.
  • Some enemy placement has been altered.
  • Fixed issues with Hammer's positioning and hitbox, making it more effective.
  • Crystals now can spawn over floor bricks instead of just dirt.
  • Your palette selection from the title screen carries over to the game.
  • Title screen slightly changed.

Thanks to everyone who played, rated, commented or left some feedback. I appreciate ya! <3


Ver1.1 Win64 61 MB
Aug 14, 2018

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The 1.1 update helped a loooot. Mainly not having to swap weapons!

While I would guess your done with this game, a suggestion would be to remove the square corners around the weapon circles. Would make the UI a lot easier to initially read imo.

Good stuff :)