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your game is awesome I love It !!

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Nope for me this time,better luck next time...Ok after actually finishing a game I will have to change my mind after new update.Im gonna say its good but not great.rooms are too small so theres a lot of cheap deaths after entering a room (That cheap bouncing bastard  XD).Game have Interesting ideas with crystalization.It makes you,yourself a hardest enemy in the game and thats "fun".Maybe if you make rooms bigger and give a dodge roll game would be much much better.Dont easily give up on this idea.Its kinda unique :D

I like the graphics but the game was too hard. Reminds me of gameboy color games.


As always Crowno awesome graphics and good palette choice. I think sometimes the hitboxes were a bit unfair but even though I was too bad to finish it I had a great time. 

One little side note the controls are pretty hard on a QWERTZ keyboard we have here in germany maybe have also nm or something as input keys.


Really love the game idea and visual. But the control is a little difficult for me. I think you could do it with a key for hammer and another for rod instead of switching the weapons.

For some reason I thought switching between 2 actions with an extra button was a good idea, when using each button for an action would have been smarter haha.  Thanks for feedback!


Very cool game, very hardore for me haha


Cara, grande admiração pelos teus trampos, foda demais! Achei a ideia boa e bem aplicada.


awesome! <3


Love the game. Can't wait to see it finished.


Cool idea and great graphics. I had some trouble aiming with the hammer but maybe that was intentional?

Unfortunately the Hammer detection against the crystal tiles ended up being rather janky, aside from the hitbox being relatively small. It was not intentional but it is definitely something to be improved in the future. Thanks for feedback!